Hope grows from a place of possibility.


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Welcome to the Providing Avenues To Hope Society

The Providing Avenues to Hope Society (PATHS) provides care and support to help marginalized individuals or families who have not been able to access sufficient support in the community
to meet their essential needs.

What is Hope?

Hope grows from a place of possibility; a place that may appear to be barren or damaged beyond repair but nonetheless is present. It may be Cracked-earth-hopedormant, but not dead, even for those who have lived a life bereft of hope. As seeds in the desert can lay dormant for decades waiting for enough rain to cause them to bloom, so hope waits hidden until it is called forth to life through nurture and care.

Hope that is dependent on being in favorable circumstances or focused on difficult circumstances being “fixed” is always vulnerable to collapse.  But the hope that is fostered through the support of others who care and come alongside in challenging times is an enduring hope that grows stronger in adversity.

Hope is life-giving and is germane to empowering each of us to realize our intrinsic value and worth.