The Providing Avenues to Hope Society (PATHS) provides care and support to help marginalized individuals or families who have not been able to access sufficient support in the community to meet their essential needs.

We are a caring community where people are accepted no matter how difficult their circumstances may be and irrespective of their background, status or belief system. This is a place where each person’s story can be heard and cherished and where each one can find personal support to walk in more growth, strength and healing, while discovering their own value.

We are committed to upholding those who are oppressed, giving them a voice when they are not being heard and empowering each one to speak for themselves. We respect the integral value of every person and accept each one without judgment.


To give life is to be full of sacred wonder and reverence in front of the mystery of the person; it is to see the beauty within and beyond all that is broken. To love is not to give of your riches, but to reveal to others their riches, their gifts, their value and to trust them and their capacity to grow.
Jean Vanier

Our Vision

We envision a safe community where everyone knows care, compassion and hope along their journey.

Our Mission

Providing Avenues to Hope Society (PATHS) is an organization devoted to providing both long and short term support and programs to those in need. PATHS will come alongside people who may be experiencing marginalization, poverty, homelessness, domestic violence or other unique challenges.

What We Do